Pocomoke City, Maryland

"The friendliest town on the Eastern Shore"

Notice of Proposed Resolution No. 535, An Amendment to Resolution No. 520 (2019), Posted 02/02/2021

Fair Summary as follows:

Resolution to amend Chapter § C-35, Election of Mayor and Council

A. Starting in 2023, making the Mayor’s term four (4) years long, rather than three (3) years.

Chapter § C-15, Selection and Term

 A. Clarifying length of term to be compatible with Chapter § C-35, prior to April of 2023 shall hold office for a term of three (3) years and for a term of four (4) years when elected in April of 2023 and hereinafter.

Chapter § C-3, Number, Selection and Term.                 

A. Clarifying length of term to be compatible with Chapter § C-35, Each Councilmember elected prior to April of 2023 shall hold office for a term of three (3) years and then for a term of four (4) years when elected in April of 2023 and thereafter or until the succeeding Councilman takes office. The newly elected Mayor and/or Councilman shall take office on the first Tuesday in April following the election.

Based on the following specified goals, a resolution has been drafted. This resolution draws from the legally suggested rewrites to C -3, C-15 and C-35 based on the following goals:

1) Amend the charter at C-35 to vacate the 2021 mayoral election and provide a three (3) year term, as provided in C-15, for last year’s mayoral victor.

2) Create a mayoral election in 2023, with a four (4) year term beginning at that election.

3) Amend C-15 to encompass the amendments to C-35 and clarify the inauguration date.

4) Amend C-3 to encompass the amendment to C-35 in 2019, which provided four (4) year terms for councilmembers elected in 2022 and clarify the inauguration date. 


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Business Hours

Hours of Operation - 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Phone Numbers

City Hall: 410-957-1333
Housing Dept: 410-957-1633
Water Dept: 410-957-2521
Public Works: 410-957-0107
Animal Control: 410-632-1340

Police Non-emergency: 410-957-1600
Ambulance Non-emergency: 410-957-3600
Fire Company Non-emergency: 410-957-1023