Pocomoke City, Maryland

"The friendliest town on the Eastern Shore"

Public Notice Regarding Grass Between April 15 and November 15, Posted 4/8/2021

City of Pocomoke City 

Public Notice 

Notice is hereby given to all persons owning or occupying any property within the City of Pocomoke that, pursuant to Chapter 98, §98-4 A of the Code of the City of Pocomoke, it shall be the duty of such owners or occupants to remove or destroy all noxious weeds, poisonous or harmful vegetation and to keep all grasses cut below a height of eight inches between April 15 and November 15 unless such property has been designated a natural area by the Board of Zoning Appeals. If the provisions of this ordinance are not complied with, the City shall cause such grass and weeds to be cut or destroyed, and the actual costs of such cutting or destruction plus 25% for inspection and/or other additional costs in connection therewith shall be charged to the property owner and, if necessary, collected as a tax lien as provided by law against the property. Daniel L. Brandewie, Planning Director


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Hours of Operation - 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

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City Hall: 410-957-1333
Housing Dept: 410-957-1633
Water Dept: 410-957-2521
Public Works: 410-957-0107
Animal Control: 410-632-1340

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Fire Company Non-emergency: 410-957-1023