Pocomoke City, Maryland

"The friendliest town on the Eastern Shore"

Notice of Public Hearing for Annexation to the City of Pocomoke City, Posted 6/23/2022

Notice of Annexation to the City of Pocomoke City

“William R. Swartz, et al. Annexation-833 Ocean Highway, Tax Map 92, Grid 0020, Parcel 82, Lot 2” NOTICE is hereby given by the Mayor and City Council of Pocomoke City, that on June 20, 2022 Annexation Resolutions No. 565 and 566 were introduced and read at the regular meeting of the City Council, proposing and recommending that the boundaries of Pocomoke City be changed so as to annex and include within the boundaries of the City all that certain area of land therein identified as the “William R. Swartz, et al. Annexation-833 Ocean Highway, Tax Map 92, Grid 0020, Parcel 82, Lot 2” area hereinafter more fully described, together with the persons residing therein and their property, generally subject to all provisions of the Charter and Code of Pocomoke City and in particular, providing that upon the effective date of the annexation of the area therein proposed and recommended, all property in the said area shall be subject to all Ordinances, Resolutions, Rules and Regulations, Annexation Plan, Annexation Agreement of Pocomoke City. The property consists of 0.29 acres occupied by a single-family dwelling. Upon annexation to the city, the owners seek to connect to the city’s sewer main located within Ocean Highway, U.S. Route 13. NOTICE is further hereby given by the Mayor and City Council for Pocomoke City that City Council will hold a public hearing on said Resolutions and annexation there-in proposed and recommended on:

MONDAY, AUGUST 1, 2022 AT 6:30 PM

And all interested parties are invited to attend said public hearings and present their views. The proposed area and conditions of annexation are as follows: All that lot of land situate in the First Election District, Worcester County. Maryland, on the northwest side of the state road leading from Pocomoke City to the Virginia State Line, known as U.S. Route 13, and beginning for the same at the northwest edge of the right-of-way of said road at a point distant 105.03 feet in a direction North 13 degrees 58 minutes east from the center of a ditch, and being at the northeast corner of a lot conveyed unto Uber E. Robinson and Lillian M. Robinson, from John W. Matthews, et al on February 8, 1949; thence by and with the northeast side of the said Robinson lot North 76 degrees two minutes West 210 feet to the northwest outline of the tract of land platted as hereinafter referred to; thence by and with the said outline North 13 degrees 58 minutes East 60 feet; thence South 76 degrees 2 minutes East 210 feet to the northwest side of the right of way of the said State Road; thence by and with the same South 13 degrees 58 minutes West 60 feet to the place of beginning; being described as lot No. 2 on the plat of the subdivision of all that tract of land conveyed to John W. Matthews and another from Elton Wise and others by deed dated October 20, 1945, and recorded among the land records of Worcester County, Maryland, said plat being recorded among the land records in Plat Book C.W.N. 1, folio 22. NOTICE is further hereby given by the City Council of Pocomoke City that following such public hearing, the City Council is empowered by law to enact said Resolutions and if so enacted, the said Resolutions provide that they shall take effect upon the expiration of forty-five (45) days following their passage, unless within such period a petition for referendum is filed meeting the requirements of Local Government Article § 4-408, et. seq. of the Maryland Annotated Code, 2016, volume as amended. A copy of each Resolution may be examined at Pocomoke City offices at 101 Clarke St., Pocomoke City, MD. For more information contact Daniel L. Brandewie, Planning Director at 410-957-1633.

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