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What You Need to Know about Pocomoke City’s Trash Collection Policies

This is to remind property owners that beginning January 1, 2018, new regulations (BOLD CAPITAL PRINT) take effect for collection of solid waste and trash.  The City will also be strictly enforcing existing ordinances as well in an effort to reduce excessive trash hauling fees and to improve community appearances.  Here are important facts you need to know:

  1. Trash collection is available for residential properties and for apartment houses with four (4) units or fewer.  Commercial and industrial properties must provide for their own trash collection.

  2. All trash must be placed in approved containers.  No more than (4) containers will be collected, except that during the leaf-falling season, four (4) additional bags are permitted.

  3. Large branches, trimmings, and hedge and bush clippings will be collected for disposal on the second Wednesday of the month.  Do not place items before 6:00PM on Monday the week of collection.

  4. Tree trimmings shall be cut or broken in forty (40) inch lengths and securely tied not more than three (3) feet thick.

  5. All containers must be at the sidewalk or curb line on the days designated for pick-up.  Containers must be removed by nightfall of the day of collection. DO NOT PLACE TRASH CONTAINERS IN THE FRONT OF THE HOUSE OR WITHIN FRONT YARD SETBACK AREAS AFTER COLLECTION. 

  6. Other bulk items, such as ordinary household furniture and appliances will be collected on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.  NO MORE THAN FOUR (4) ITEMS WILL BE ACCEPTED.  Do not place items before 6:00PM on Monday the week of trash pick-up.  

  7. Items not acceptable for trash pick up include: automobile parts, tires, construction materials, dangerous or hazardous materials, waste that may contain contagious or infectious diseases, inflammable or explosive material, motor oil or automotive fluids.


  9. With the exception of the area around the Heights Neighborhood, trash collection for properties located north of Market Street is picked up on Tuesdays and Fridays. Trash collection for properties located south of Market Street is picked up on Monday and Thursdays.

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Business Hours

Hours of Operation - 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Phone Numbers

City Hall: 410-957-1333
Housing Dept: 410-957-1633
Water Dept: 410-957-2521
Public Works: 410-957-0107
Animal Control: 410-632-1340

Police Non-emergency: 410-957-1600
Ambulance Non-emergency: 410-957-3600
Fire Company Non-emergency: 410-957-1023